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Short on-point, grounded and eloquently simple. This book 1s a beautifully written compact manual of wisdom arid perspectives for the human spirit that is full of essential wisdom and insight.


The Key: reflection and Wisdom of a New England Carpenter by Peter Cassels-Brown feeds the soul and calms the heart as it illustrates living life with forgiveness, beauty, focus, and gratitude. Compiled from decades of reading, conversations, reflections, and experiences. Peter wrote this book with clarity, directness, and honesty which makes it accessible, easy to relate to, and allows it to touch the heart and soul of its readers.


Writing this book is challenging because it could end up as typically preachy philosophical musing centered on spiritual gibberish but this book however is far from that. Peter presents his perspective neatly and conveys his ideas in a simple, uncluttered way.  It is a must-read for anyone looking for reading that will help them grow as a person while navigating life toward a happier, healthier, and richer future. It is an essential addition to your bookshelf as it comes in handy whenever your life could use a positive boost of energy and perspective to get through the day.


The world needs more authors and books with this caliber of content and level of creative and philosophical purpose for the improvement of human understanding and reflections. Overall, it is commendable literature written for the purpose of fueling growth as we ponder and contemplate life.

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